Containers are necessities in our daily lives. For this reason, we must work to limit the burden on the environment however we can. In dealing with a warming global environment, Takemoto is pursing multiple directions in the research and development of environmentally friendly containers.Because it’s the only one we have.By producing products from plastic made with materials derived from plants such as sugar cane, the use of nite fossils fuels such as petroleum can be reduced. Example products: PEPI-M Series (P22) Replacement and Re llable ContainersECOCERT certi ed containersPET drink bottles recovered from household garbage collected by local authorities are separated, pulverized and cleaned and made into a raw material. This is then returned to the market as a PET bottle once again. The PET drink bottles collected in Japan are high quality, and are internationally regarded as a source of high quality raw materials.Example products: API Series (P30)Recycled PETReducing emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2Biomass Plastic ContainersBy repeatedly using the same bottle or closure, not only is the consumption of plastic controlled, but the disposal of plastic is also reduced. These containers have been developed with consideration of the environment from these two perspectives. Example products: (Replacement re ll systems) RE Series, REC Series (P170), RPM Series, RPS Series (P174), RPB Series (P172), (Re llable systems) RF Series, RFB Series, RFPI Series (P176)These products have been developed bearing in mind that plastic container manufacturers must face the fact that carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions are thought to be one of main causes of global warming. While containers have many special characteristics in terms of design and decoration, their use is often short-lived and a high ratio of these products are incinerated after use. Therefore, the combustion process when burning plastic containers has been observed and material developed that produces lower CO2 emissions when incinerated. Example products: EC Series (P172) Takemoto’s catalogue includes products that have passed the strict standards necessary to qualify for ECOCERT certi cation.

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