PETISB14.8g384Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./EXI-30PETISB19.2g256Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./EXI-50PETISB34.7g144Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./EXI-100PETISB34.7g198Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./EXI-120PETISB40.7g198Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./EXI-150PETISB18.2g576Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OCPI-30PETISB18.5g384Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OCPI-50PETB18.0g200Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OCP-100PETB24.0g150Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OCP-150PETB20.5g200Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OCP-120PETB30.0g160Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OCP-200PETB20.3g297Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RHF-120PETB23.3g198Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RHF-150Elegant series for skin care products. Thick PET version of the OC Series with a luxury feel. *Clearance depends on accessories. Please check prior to use.When llingFresh-seal plugFresh-seal plug and clip are attached after lling.Filling process is complete when the cap is set.ClipsetClip is removedIn useMade for fast and easy replacement of refills. Bottle equipped with a flip-top cap and Fresh-seal plug.○With the use of the Fresh-seal plug (the seal is broken when the cap is attached) for replacement rell bottles, the contents receive less exposure to air and freshness is maintained.○With this replacement rell system, spills are prevented and the bottle can be switched quickly and easily.○With a two-part construction, the ip-top made for repeated use imparts a premium image.○Suitable for both single-use and replacement rell products.■ RHF Series features*When using dispensers, care must be taken with the end of the dip tube’s position.Z-155-C094 Spray(C-24)Z-200-C126Pump(C-25)L24 Cover Cap(C-24)L2421P(Silver) Pump(C-24)EX Ring S-A(C-23)EX Ring A(C-23)EX Ring B(C-23)EX Ring S-B(C-23)PD0220APump(C-28)PD0220CBPump(C-28)P-Series Accessories ‒ For use with G Plug(Not Compatible with 22.5φTongari Cap)(Refer to foldout)PPS-Series Accessories ‒ For use with G Plug (Refer to foldout)OCP Ring SOCP Ring SⅡOCP Ring SⅢ(C-23)OCP Over Cap(S)(C-22)OC Ring(S)(C-23)OC Over Cap(S)(C-22)OC Ring(L)(C-23)OC Over Cap(L)(C-22)P-Series Accessories ‒ For use with G Plug (Refer to foldout)P-Series Accessories ‒ For use with G Plug (Refer to foldout)Z-200-C126 Pump(Silver/Gold)(C-25)RHF2.5φ Flip-Top Cap(C-2)RHF Fresh-seal plug(C-32)RHF Protective Clip(C-23)RHF Flat Cap(C-10)RHF7φ Flip-Top Cap(C-2)By rotating the cap 270°, the seal is broken and the cap clicks into place with the front facing forward. QPC. : Quantity per CartonEXIOCPIOCPRHF15Please refer to the foldout User’s Guide on the last page for notes regarding usage.Bottle

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