C-6■ Weights shown are standard values. Actual weights may vary. ■ Please refer to the alphabetical product index at the end of the book to locate the series page.■ Please check container speci cations for details.ACCESSORIESFlip-Top CapAccessoriesITEMSIZEmmWT.gO/DmmMAT.T-30φS Flip-Top Cap 29φ×235.53.0PPT-40φS Flip-Top Cap39φ×249.25.0PP●Compatible Series(T-30φS)30φ/35φ Tube for ip-top caps(T-40φS)40φ Tube for ip-top capsITEMSIZEmmWT.gO/DW LMAT.65φOP Flip-Top Cap65φ×2214.053 41PP●Compatible SeriesCOP, COPT, MOPITEMSIZEmmWT.gO/DmmMAT.T-50φLC Flip-Top Cap48φ×2611.95.1PP●Compatible Series50φ Tube for ip-top capsITEMSIZEmmWT.gO/DmmMAT.T-45φ Flip-Top Cap45φ×2611.75.0PP●Compatible SeriesT45φ~T60φ Tube for ip-top capsITEMSIZEmmWT.gO/DmmMAT.MD Flip-Top Cap Cap83φ×2322.569.0PP●Compatible SeriesMDHITEMSIZEH W L WT.gO/DmmMAT.W Hinge Cap for Keitai case10 45 232.2PPCap for MR Keitai case16 51 232.0PP●Compatible Series(W Hinge) Keitai case A, B(MR) MR Keitai case A, BITEMSIZEmmWT.gO/DmmMAT.Keitai Case C(Upper)60φ×166.813.0PP●Compatible SeriesKeitai case C(Base)ITEMSIZEmmWT.gO/DmmMAT.T-40φ Ball Flip-Top Cap(35φ)34φ×237.45.0PP●Compatible SeriesT-35φ, 40φ Tube for ip-top capsITEMSIZEmmWT.gO/DmmMAT.FDP3φ Flip-Top Cap42φ×3112.93.0PPFDP5φ Flip-Top Cap42φ×3112.95.0PPFDP10φ Flip-Top Cap42φ×3112.810.0PP●Compatible SeriesFDPITEMSIZEH W L WT.gO/DmmMAT.Comb Cap48 39 3411.85.0PP●Compatible SeriesTOM-C150/200, OC-200T

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