C-26■ Weights shown are standard values. Actual weights may vary. ■ Please refer to the alphabetical product index at the end of the book to locate the series page.■ Please check container specications for details.ACCESSORIESAccessoriesDispenserITEMSIZEH W L WT.gDose.mlG3 Foamer Pump79 62 3650.03.0Pipe Weight 100mm0.6g●Compatible SeriesPOF-500ITEMSIZEH W L WT.gDose.mlP-102 Pump35 50 2811.41.0Pipe Weight 100mm0.9g●Compatible SeriesP-Series bottlesITEMSIZEH W L WT.gDose.mlKSK-101T Pump52 45 2810.51.0Pipe Weight 100mm1.1g●Compatible SeriesP-Series bottlesITEMSIZEH W L WT.gDose.mlZ-1000-C043 Pump49 46 2812.21.0Pipe Weight 100mm0.7g●Compatible SeriesP-Series bottles, OCPM-100, OSFITEMSIZEH W L WT.gDose.mlZ-1000-C001 Pump52 42 2812.81.0Pipe Weight 100mm0.7g●Compatible SeriesPPZ, OCPM-100ITEMSIZEH W L WT.gDose.mlP-304Pump36 61 3619.83.0Pipe Weight 100mm1.7g●Compatible SeriesAHS, AO, AOM, AOS, BSR, CE-B, ME, OAH, OMT, OPH-Ⅱ, OPI, PH, PMH, PPS, OPPS, PTP, PEPI, PEC, PM, RPM, RPB, RPBT, RFB, SUPI, PMP, NAMI, MBPH, CPITEMSIZEH W L WT.gDose.mlTRI Compact Spray56 55 2814.20.3Pipe Weight 100mm0.6g●Compatible SeriesOCT, PPZ, OCPM-100ITEMSIZEH W L WT.gDose.mlT-24φ TRI Spray54 80 2823.20.3Pipe Weight 100mm0.5g●Compatible SeriesTRI, YHITEMSIZEH W L WT.gDose.mlTS-800-2-28-400 Spray54 80 3319,40.9Pipe Weight 100mm0.8g●Compatible SeriesOTSITEMSIZEH W L WT.gDose.mlSystem1・30ml Pump157 113 4258.830SD-400 Pump33 69 3617.24Pipe Weight 100mm4.4g●Compatible Series(System1・30ml Pump)BHL(SD-400 Pump)CE, CP

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