218TAKEMOTO BOTTLE GUIDE BOOK 2016Water vaporpermeabilityAromapermeability(Refer to foldout)(Refer to foldout)(High-density polyethylene)(Low-density polyethylene)(Polyethylene terephthalate)(Polypropylene)Superior resistance to chemicals and moisture. Reasonable cost. Widely used all-purpose resin.Squeezable. Superior gloss and translucency compared to HDPE. Inferior chemical resistance.Physical properties are similar to HDPE but with superior heat-resistance. Inferior resistance to cold.(Polystyrene)Colorless and odorless with superior transparency. Inferior resistance to shock, chemicals and oil.(Acrylonitrile styrene)(Polyvinyl chloride)(Soda-lime-glass)Superior resistance to dropping, chemicals and oil compared to PS and suitable for precise molding. Raw material is more costly than PS.Superior chemical resistance and transparency. Has resistance to ame but low resistance to heat and cold.Superior gas barrier properties and chemical resistance but inferior drop-resistance. Head Oce 2-21-5 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0036, JapanTakemoto Yohki Co., Ltd.Glass-like transparency with superior gas barrier properties and chemical resistance. Recyclable. Physical propertiessuch as heat and drop-resistance may dier depending on molding technique (Extrusion-blow molding or injection-blow molding) P-Series, PPS-Series, S-Series, Z-series CAP list How to use this catalogueResin CharacteristicsNotes regarding usageUser’s guideto readers of this catalogueThe data in the table is for reference only. Adequate sample testing should be conducted to verify compatibility based on all conditions of use.Regarding permeability, materials with a ○ symbol indicate a lower permeability value. Please contact us for more detailed information.Key to molding processes on product pages: B (Extrusion-blow molding), I (Injection), ISB (Injection-stretch-blow molding)Depending on contents and conditions of use, cases of transformation of materials and so on may occur with the passage of time. Be sure to conduct adequate usage testing.Please conrm compatibility of liners in regard to products and contents. Product specications are included as a reference, however slight dierences may occur with actual products. Filling capacities may be aected by printing, coloring, eervescent products, weight etc. Please conduct lling tests etc. with samples to conrm.Please be aware that depending on materials, forms and capacities, dropping may result in damage or caps becoming detached. Please refrain from using accessories not approved for use by Takemoto.Depending on the circumstances, individual standards and specications may be subject to change. Reproduction or duplication, in part or whole, of this catalogue is strictly prohibited.The manufactured products included in this catalogue consist of both items kept on inventory and those made to order.Goods kept on inventory can be shipped in case quantities. Production of made-to-order goods shall commence after orders have been received. Coloring of containers, caps as well as decoration is possible in small order quantities.Notes218

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