P-Series CAPPⅡ Flip-Top CapO/Dφ4.0PⅢ Flip-Top CapPⅢ Flip-Top Cap(R)O/Dφ5.0OZ-35 Flip-Top CapO/Dφ3.0P-27 Flip-Top CapP-27 Flip-Top Cap(R) with ribO/Dφ3.0MT Flip-Top CapO/Dφ4.0PB CapPB-V35 CapPT Flip-Top CapO/Dφ3.0P-27 CapP-27 Cap with inner ringO/Dφ1.5OZ-35D Flip-Top CapO/Dφ4P-Nozzle Flip-Top CapO/Dφ2.5PC3φ Flip-Top CapO/Dφ3.0P-SL Flip-Top CapO/Dφ5.0P-27 CapP-27 Cap with inner ringOZ Ball 36φ CapPR-27.5 CapP-40φA CapP-H CapP-K Cap18mmPlugP-4φPlugP-9φPlugP-Nozzle PlugO/Dφ1.6J-PlugP-1φ,2.4φ,5φ,9φG PlugP-Nozzle G PlugO/Dφ1.6PEW Nozzle G Plug(P)*NoteO/Dφ2.0P-Twist CapO/Dφ1.7P-Twist CapⅡO/Dφ6.0P-Tongari Capφ0.9P-Tongari Capφ2.022.5φ Tongari CapO/Dφ7.227mm Tongari CapO/Dφ2.0P-Nozzle CapP-Tongari Capφ7.2P-Tongari SV CapO/Dφ7.8Z-155-C110 SprayMK-Ⅵ SprayPAV/C-170 SprayTRI Mini SprayZ-500-C012 PumpPD0524A PumpPD0524B PumpPD-0524 Pump(gold)PD-0524 Pump(silver)PD1024AⅡ PumpPD1024BⅡ PumpPD1024EBⅡ PumpPD1024FBⅡ PumpZ-1000-C043 PumpKSK-101T PumpP-102 PumpP-B CapMP-CapP-FUWA CapP-Alm CapPA-28 CapP-40φ Cap *NoteP-45φ Cap *NotePEW-38φW CapPEW Nozzle CapR *NoteFlip-Top CapFlat CapPlugTwist CapNozzle CapG PlugDispenser*Note: May not be compatible will all P-Series containers. Please conrm prior to use.PR Flip-Top Cap O/Dφ4.0PR Flip-Top Cap(R) O/Dφ4.0PRⅡ Flip-Top Cap O/Dφ2.5O/D:ORIFICE DIAMETERNot available for sale in EU, US

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