PM-500PD3033AⅢR Pump BPM CapCylinderAir tight diaphragmApplicator 120Applicator 120 Tongari CapApplicatorSS150 Applicator SS 0.8φ Tongari CapTOM-C200Comb CapOver Cap for CombK-34044φHolder44φ Tongari Flip-Top CapPM-700PM-Flat CapPM-1000PD3033AⅢR PumpPM CapCylinderAir tight diaphragmPAB-500P-27 Cap with inner ring[TAKEMOTO COLOR SELECTION] of selected fashionable colors. Supply in lots from 1000 units. More cost efficient than color-mixing and the time required from planning to commercialization is reduced.For the pros. Functional items you won’t know how you did without.Bottle series with advanced functionality. In addition to a refillable container that dispenses to the last drop with its airtight diaphragm and the popular bottle for color treatment and more, we have added items such as a comb cap with a twist on/off function.Applicator / TOM-C / KPM / PAB70

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