Introduction of new Takemoto products, events, etc.

NEW! October 15 2019

Glass-like plastic containers with real presence!


With its heavy base, a presence like that of glass can be created. In addition to enhancing the volume of the product, it is lighter and harder to break than glass, making it safe and secure.
It is a series that combines the benefits of both plastic and glass.
The simple cylindrical shape makes it easy to adapt to existing product lines.

NEW! October 15 2019

A new addition in PET to the elegant PHM series!


The thick-wall design of the PHMI-200 delivers a sense of quality. It can be used for a wide range of products such as cosmetics, hair care and food.
It has our standard neck finish. Choose from a wide range of accessories, such as flip-top. screw and nozzle caps, as well as plugs and dispensers.

NEW! October 11 2018

Tamper-evident bottle designed for postal distribu


We have created a slim type bottle with a tamper-evident cap. Its slim shape makes it easy to carry. This bottle is suitable for solid tablets such as food supplements, candy, etc. Thanks to the tamper-evident cap, it can be used safely for food products. The sizes on offer are suitable for sale as a retail product, or to be used as a portable carry case.

NEW! October 11 2018

Oval delamintating bottle


We have created oval delaminating bottles. There are 2 different sizes: 200ml and 300ml. This bottle can be fitted with a 0.5cc or 1.0cc pump. (Please note that the 0.5cc pump for delaminating bottles is a made-to-order item)

NEW! October 11 2018

New series for UV products


We have created a multilayered series with a very easy to squeeze, portable form. In line with current trends, we have also increased the sizes, compared to those in the past. Now we offer 60ml, 80, and 100ml bottles. The clean lines of the series also make it suitable for use with cosmetic products for men.

NEW! October 11 2018

Attractive bottle series for various solid goods


We have created an attractive sphere-like bottle line. By changing the position of the bottle, the entire product may look different, thus changing the user's experience. This product is also meant to be used as a package for sweets and other small gifts. This is a series created for reuse once the bottle is emptied.

NEW! October 11 2018

One-way valve Tube


We have developed a one-way valve for our nozzle tube that won't allow the air to come in contact with the contents. The sizes on offer are ideal for use with products such as skin care and foundation.

NEW! October 11 2018

Delaminating bottles - additional sizes


We have completed a delaminating bottle which comes in sizes suitable for skincare products. This simple shape is also compatible with bottles that do not have the delaminatiing specification. The following sizes can be used with the following pumps: the 30ml and the 50ml with 0.2cc pumps; the 100ml and over with 0.5cc and 1.0cc pumps. Please choose the appropraite specification to match the application (Please note that the 0.5cc pump for delaminating bottles is a made-to-order item).