Reusable eco-series for cosmetics with easy replacement of refills.65ml■How to replace refills(REI-Series)■How to replace refills(REC-Series)Remove the cover cap, pump, shoulder ring and used refill. (Remove pump and shoulder ring by rotating anti-clockwise)Set the new refill in line with grooves in the case. Once the shoulder ring has been locked into place, open the tamper-evident cap of the refill.Remove the cap and the used refill (inner lid). Use the indentations in the case to easily remove the refill.Remove the tamper-evident cap of the new refill. Pull the tear band in the direction of the arrow to open.Attach the pump and cover cap to complete.Once the tamper-evident cap has been removed, set the refill in the case and attach the cap to complete.REC-50 Inner-Lid(C-35)REC-50 Refill Cap(C-30)REC-50 Cap(C-18)REC-30 Inner-Lid(C-35)REC-30 Refill Cap(C-30)REC-30 Cap(C-18)RE Security Cap(C-30)RE Over Cap(C-23)RE Ring(C-23)ASI28.8g220Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./REC-30 CasePETISB17.3g240Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./REI-120ASI46.5g144Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RE-120 CasePPI10.0g500Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./REC-50 RefillASI37.0g180Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./REC-50 CasePPI7.7g600Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./REC-30 RefillFor use with P-Series dispensers(Refer to foldout)REIREC171Eco-bottlePlease refer to the foldout User’s Guide on the last page for notes regarding usage.QPC. : Quantity per Carton

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