Replacement refill series designed with function, hygiene and the environment in mind.ーNotes on usageーーFeaturesー● Perfect for high-viscosity products such as treatment and hair packs.● With use of the airless pump, entry of water into the refill is reduced to almost zero, and the container collapses as its contents are dispensed, making is easy to confirm how much is remaining and to dispense the contents to the last.● With the use of a multi-layer bottle, gas barrier properties (aroma retention) are improved.● Simple construction means that replacement is extremely easy compared with conventional systems such as pouch refills.● Compared with pouch style refills, effective shop displays are possible and the premium image of the product can be maintained.● As the refill is a bottle, filling and packing can be supported by existing filling lines.● In comparison with refillable containers, the replacement refill can limit the spread and growth of bacteria.● Depending on the viscosity of the content, high temperature conditions and space at the top may result in changes to the remaining quantity. (If high-viscosity products exceed a fixed level, they may not be dispensable)● In the middle of use, if there is too much air at the top, contents may not come out when the pump is pressed. This does not mean it is broken. Keep pumping until contents are dispensed.● In order to prevent the above, set capacities so that there is limited space at the top.● If the pump is loosened or removed during use, air will enter the bottle and it will be difficult to dispense contents after reattaching the pump.P-27 Cap with inner ring(C-7)PD1024ZBⅡ Pump(C-29)RPM Cap(C-10)PMP/YS Alm Cap(C-17)PMP/YS Cap(C-9)PD-S3033ZAⅢ PumpPD-S3033ZAⅢ Pump B(C-29)PMP/YS Alm Cap(C-17)PMP/YS Cap(C-9)PD-S3033ZAⅢ PumpPD-S3033ZAⅢ Pump B(C-29)PPI83.2g60Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RPS-500 CaseLLDPE,EVOHB30.0g132Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RPS-500PPI56.2g66Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RPS-400 CaseLDPE,EVOHB23.0g144Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RPS-400PPI77.5g102Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./PM-1000PPI63.8g132Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./PM-700PPI83.0g84Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RPM-800 CasePPI64.3g112Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RPM-600 CaseLLDPE,EVOHB55.0g72Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RPM-1000LLDPE,EVOHB40.0g108Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RPM-800LLDPE,EVOHB35.0g123Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RPM-650LLDPE,EVOHB33.0g126Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./RPM-600RPMRPS175Eco-bottlePlease refer to the foldout User’s Guide on the last page for notes regarding usage.QPC. : Quantity per Carton

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