C-4■ Weights shown are standard values. Actual weights may vary. ■ Please refer to the alphabetical product index at the end of the book to locate the series page.■ Please check container specications for details.ACCESSORIESFlip-Top CapAccessoriesITEMSIZEH W L WT.gO/DmmMAT.TM-R Flip-Top Cap37 73 4621.49.2PP●Compatible SeriesTMS, TMH-RITEMSIZEH W L WT.gO/DmmMAT.TO-D Flip-Top Cap27 50 3510.14.0PP●Compatible SeriesTOD, TOD-,Ⅱ TMD-,Ⅱ50φTube for oval ip-top capsITEMSIZEH W L WT.gO/DmmMAT.TO-SFlip-Top Cap29 53 3912.45.0PP●Compatible Series50φTube for oval ip-top capsITEMSIZEH W L WT.gO/DmmMAT.UH Flip-Top Cap 12 31 314.75.0PP●Compatible SeriesUHITEMSIZEmmWT.gO/DmmMAT.32 Smooth-pull Hinge Cap36φ×197.6PEReo Heatresistant Hinge Cap37φ×217.4PP/PERe-H Cap34φ×225.4PE●Compatible Series(32φSmooth-pull Hinge)FJ(Reo Heatresistant Re-H)Chomiryo 150, Source 300-260ITEMSIZEH W L WT.gO/DmmMAT.F-Flip-Top Cap (M)26 49 225.53.0PPF-Flip-Top Cap (L)35 67 3010.93.0PPF-Flip-Top Cap CapII (L)35 67 2911.03.0PP●Compatible Series(F-M)TOM-F60,100(F-L・FⅡ-L)TOM-F200ITEMSIZEH W L WT.gO/DmmMAT.T-30φ oval Flip-Top Cap26 35 215.52.9PP●Compatible Series30φTube for oval ip-top capsITEMSIZEH W L WT.gO/DmmMAT.HRN Flip-Top Cap28 63 337.63.1PP●Compatible SeriesHRNITEMSIZEH W L WT.gO/DmmMAT.DS Flip-Top Cap30 52 4014.55.0PP●Compatible SeriesDS, BTITEMSIZEmmWT.gO/DmmMAT.YG Flip-Top Cap46φ×288.521 15PP●Compatible SeriesIppan Dressing, DS Dressing 200, Table Oil 200

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