122115mlφ424937118ml108How to use this catalogueUsing the following as a reference, please select the most suitable container to meet your needs.The gure beside the series name indicates whether the shape of the base is circular, square or oval Height, capacity and diameter are shown for cylindrical bottles. Diagrams showing the base as with square and oval bottles are not included.For square and oval bottles, in addition to height and capacity, the shape of the base and its dimensions are indicated. An image, the name and reference page of compatible accessories are indicated. Please make a selection according to your needs.Compatible accessories and plugs are shown.Please refer to the foldout guide for details. Series name and shapeBottle size (Cylindrical)Bottle size (Square, Oval)AccessoriesAccessory informationCylindrical bottleSquare bottleOval bottleBottle heightBottle heightOverow capacityOverow capacityBottle diameterBottle depthBottle WidthAccessory imageAccessory nameReference page(C-2)RHF7φ Flip-Top Cap

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