Stable foam pump container for tabletop use.Stable series with a distinctive shoulder line and base. Slim foam pump container.Foam pump series that produces a fine and creamy lather.Notes regarding use of foam pumps・Superior quality foam will be produced by formulations with lower viscosity that can mix with air. Higher-viscosity products may cause blockages and impact dispensing and foam quality.・Formulations with powder or granules, or liquid that may solidify over time may cause blockages in the mesh etc. Please conduct compatibility testing before use. ・Not suitable for formulations that require mixing by shaking the bottle.・As foam is produced by mixing with air, more space than usual is required at the top of the bottle. Take caution when lling.LDPEB22.2g261Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OSF-150LDPEB16.7g324Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OSF-100LDPEB11.1g282Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OSF-50HDPEB26.0g288Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OPF-200HDPEB21.0g373Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OPF-150HDPEB18.5g440Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./OPF-120PETB35.1g144Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./MPF-200PETISB35.0g196Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./MPF-150HDPEB13.0g360Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./AWA-70ⅡHDPEB13.0g348Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./AWA-70HDPEB45.4g132Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./POF-500HDPEB31.9g178Material/Molding/Weight/QPC./POF-300FⅡ Foamer Pump(C-25)Z-155-C110 Spray(C-24)Z-1000-C043 Pump(C-26)Z-500-C012 Pump(C-24)F5L Foamer Pump(C-25)M1 Foamer Pump(C-25)F5L Foamer Pump(C-25)F6L Foamer Pump(C-25)FⅡ Foamer Pump(C-25)G3 Foamer Pump(C-26)F6L Foamer Pump(C-25)OPFOSFMPFPOFAWA73BottlePlease refer to the foldout User’s Guide on the last page for notes regarding usage.QPC. : Quantity per Carton

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