With the combination of years of experience and latest technology, Takemoto’s mission is to be the “Leading Customized Bottle Factory” by implementing a complete production system. From the selection of raw materials to design, manufacture and inventory control, everything forms a part of Takemoto’s quality.TakemotoCraftsmanshipThe right bottle, at the right time, injust the right quantity.Assuring quality in everything we do.Exploring new possibilities in bottle manufacture.Employing a variety of molding equipment and assured technological strength, Takemoto produces an array of containers. Furthermore, with a catalogue of over 2000 bottles and accessories, our vast warehouses are digitally managed so that inventory and order status can be con rmed instantly. Our goal is to quickly and accurately respond to customer’s needs for shorter lead-times and small lot production of a variety of goods.The contents of our containers are our customers’ products. In order for these to be used safely and with peace of mind, Takemoto has implemented thorough quality assurance in all production control and inspection processes from the provision of raw materials and distribution to container molding and printing. A clean environment in all production facilities is maintained through the installation of equipment such as air showers and static electricity removal devices, ensuring that products of stable and guaranteed quality are supplied.Takemoto works with not only plastic, but also materials such as glass and aluminum. As a pioneer of bottle production, we aim to not just meet our customers’ existing needs, but to anticipate future requirements by continually producing products born out of unrestrained imagination.

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