01 Silkscreen PrintingCompared to other printing techniques, the produc-tion of silkscreen printing lms is relatively simple, meaning that silkscreen printing is a widely used method to print on molded plastic products. As ink can be thickly applied, it can be used to achieve de-signs with great impact.02 Shrink FilmWith the application of heat, the lm shrinks to cover the container and decoration can be added to areas which can’t be printed. When used with our standard bottles, process-ing is available in case quantities, meaning that space can be saved by maintaining smaller inventories. Stretch lm that requires no equipment to be applied is also available.03 LabellingBy using Takemoto’s auto-labelers in conjunction with other techniques such as printing, an even wider range of expression is possible. Labels are also per-fect for listing ingredients and other detailed informa-tion. In addition, stretch labels for tubes can be used to achieve both enhanced design and function.04 Vacuum MetallizationIn this process, aluminum is evaporated under a vacuum and deposited on the surface of the product. This technique creates a premium image and solid feel, adding value to the product.010203Takemoto also oers a wide variety of decoration technologies to apply to the surface of our readymade containers. In order for customers to be able to achieve the exact brand image they have in mind, we oer numerous options, including the most advanced and sophisticated techniques available.We can provide custom coloring of containers and accessories, including transparent and opaque tones as well as pearlescent eects, so that any nuance can be expressed. With these coloring capabilities combined with the eight decoration techniques below, a bottle can be designed to match your image without compromise.Complete freedom of expression.

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