05 Thermal TransferText or designs are printed on plastic lm and then transferred by heat onto the product with this tech-nique. Photogravure transfers and thickly applied ink silkscreen transfers are also possible.06 Pad PrintingWith the use of silicon rubber pads, printing is possi-ble on 3D curves or parts of the container with com-plex forms. Highly detailed, multicolor printing can be achieved, expanding the scope of designs possible.07 UV CoatingA premium appearance and functional properties (hard coat, UV cut, etc.) can create a distinct brand image. It is possible to create a variety of products with small volume production.08 Hot StampingA metallic foil, such as gold or silver, is thermally transferred onto plastic molded goods. Various customer needs can be met by oering a range of color tones and special processing methods, such as matte and hairline processing.0405060807

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