Introduction of new Takemoto products, events, etc.

NEW! February 25 2020

Thin-wall PET bottles ideal for postal delivery

By popular demand, the DBI (Square shape) and DB-II (Oval shape) have been developed.
With a thickness of just 30mm, they can be sent via regular postal services, allowing transportation costs to be reduced.
Besides products delivered by post, they are suitable for a wide range of applications including both commercial products and samples, amenity use, travel kits, small gifts.
We invite you to make use of the series to reduce transport costs and for new projects.

 Upper(From the left)
 ・DBI-30II + 15-415 Nozzle Cap L
 ・DBI-50II + 15-415 Nozzle Screw Cap
 ・DBI-100II + PPSIII Flip‐Top Cap
 ・DBI-30 + 15-415 Screw Cap
 ・DBI-50 + 15-415 Flip‐Top Cap
 ・DBI-100 + Z-155-C094 Spray

 Lower (From the left)
 ・15-415 φ 4 G Plug (Orifice:4φ)
 ・15-415 φ 1.4 Nozzle G Plug S (Orifice:1.4φ)
 ・15-415 φ 1.9 Nozzle G Plug L (Orifice:1.9φ)
 ・15-415 Flip-Top Cap (Orifice:3.0φ)

 Lower right
 ・DBI-30 + 15-415 Flip‐Top Cap

NEW! February 20 2020

One-way Valve Tube

Left: TV-25φ Nozzle Tube [BV Inner Plug (25φ) + S Cap]
Right: TV-30φ Oval Tube [BV Inner Plug (30φ) + Cap]

NEW! February 20 2020

45φ Nozzle Tube

T-45φ Nozzle Tube + T-45φ Nozzle Cap