Introduction of new Takemoto products, events, etc.

NEW! March 16 2020

Takemoto Colour Selection

Bio PET bottles in three popular colors are now available for purchase as inventory items!

Takemoto Colour Selection was introduced in 2015 and currently offers 19 unique colors to chose from.

By popular demand, a selection of our standard bottles are now available as inventory items available by the case in three popular colors [ DARK BLUE ] , [ OLIVE GREEN ] and[ DARK BROWN ] .

In addition, a selection of our caps and pumps can now also be purchased in black and natural as inventory items.

 Our aim is to assist the customer to reduce inventory risk and provide more decoration options. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any samples!

 ※Takemoto Colour Selection applies to our ISBM Molded PET bottles (exceptions apply).

 ※When using Takemoto Color Selection, coloring is possible from minimum order quantities of 1,000pcs.

NEW! March 11 2020

New compact size shaker!

We are pleased to introduce our new compact size shaker that is easy for women to grip. In response to market demand, the side of the surface of the shaker can be printed with a scale and other designs.

The inside surface of the cap has been designed so that liquid drains completely from the cap after shaking. We invite you to try a sample to see for yourself.

NEW! March 11 2020

Function & luxury - Diamond Pattern Accessories

 EXI-150 + EX Ring-DI + P-40φCAP
 EXI-150 + EX Ring-DI + PD-1024BII Pump
 EXI-50 + EX Ring S-DI + PD-0220A Pump + Over CAP B
 SCTII-40 + C-60DI CAP
 MSWII-100 + C-70DI CAP

A series of easy-to-use caps & rings (closures) with a splendid diamond pattern.
Various kinds of decoration such as coloring and metallization are also available,
These features make it an idea package for skincare, cosmetic related products.
Please feel free to contact us for more information or samples.