Why choose a “Total Container Solution Provider”?

With 3200+ molds and marketing base born from a relationship with almost 4500 customers, Takemoto has
the ability to supply a huge array of high quality products on demand and in small quantities as well as in-house development of
custom products, Takemoto Packaging provides the complete service of sales,
production, and development as a Packaging Solutions Provider.

Functional Product Development


  • Childproof Cap
  • J-Cap
  • J-Safe
  • Security Cap

Easy-opening caps and accessories

  • CB-30
  • Tapered Honey Cap & Tapered Honey Cap (Round type)
  • OP One-touch Cap (Patented)
  • Twist cap
  • Comb Cap (Patented)
  • Pull-ring Plug

High-viscosity Dispensing Systems

  • Slit Valve
  • Delaminating Bottle
  • Airtight Diaphragm (patented)

Anti-spoilage Systems

  • Airless Bottle (Patent Pending)
  • Fresh-Seal bottle (Patent Pending)


  • High-transparency PP
  • SQ Sports Cap (Patented)
  • 2-color molding
  • Flairosol
  • Foaming Pump

Decoration Techniques

  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Raised Ink Printing
  • Raised Matte Printing
  • Metallic Printing
  • Pad Printing
  • Hot Stamping
  • Hairline Hot Stamping
  • Total Surface Hot Stamping
  • Labeling
  • Shrink Film
  • Vacuum Deposition
  • Sparkling Vacuum Deposition
  • Beaded Vacuum Deposition
  • KAMI (Patented)
  • Transfer Printing
  • UV Coating

Research and Development

When a client seeks to enhance the value of their product, Takemoto can provide a solution through its containers. A container’s role is only ever complete when it has caught the eye, been picked up, taken away and its contents completely used.

Considering this complete process, we conduct research and development with the aim of creating optimum products by constantly working to create new value. Through the management of the technology and know-how (intellectual property) developed through our R&D activities, we strive to increase the level of confidence our clients place in us.

The need to build a sustainable society is now a given truth. This concept is being clearly reflected in product development trends in every market and every industry. In a world where business needs to change its way of thinking in regard the use of non-renewable energy and to develop environmentally friendly products, but at the same time deliver better value and function, Takemoto is leading the way. Our containers are our answer to this new world.

  • Barrier properties: Bottles made from plastic resin that offer increased preservation qualities (Delaminating bottle, bottles with film deposition)
  • Increased functionality: Seamless spraying dispensers, slit valve nozzle
  • Recyclable products: Heat-resistant PET Jars (Wide-mouth containers for foodstuffs)

3D Visualizer

Using our 3D visualizer, clients can easily see a 3D image of bottles and applicable caps from the product pages on the website. With this 3D simulation system, it is possible to freely choose colors, effects and add decoration from image files, so clients can effortlessly produce 3-dimensional images of potential packaging designs for their cosmetics and other products.

Because this system allows the creation of images that are close to the actual product, it assists in the conceptualization of marketing designs. Furthermore, as designs can be saved and shared, the 3D Visualizer facilitates the communication of product concepts internally and with our sales team, meaning that the process of commercialization is smooth, convenient and, most importantly, time-efficient.