Customized Mold Solutions

By making use of Takemoto’s extensive array of in-house molds, clients can achieve a unique product suited to their requirements quickly and at reasonable cost.

  1. By developing temporary inserts to existing molds, clients can cut the cost of mold development while at the same time meeting requirements for a totally unique product.
  2. Costs can also be controlled by making use of one of our existing injection preforms. This means that simply by developing a mold for direct blowing, an original product can be produced without having to develop a preform mold.
  3. Making use Takemoto’s huge selection of ready-made caps and fittings in conjunction with a custom-made container is another way to balance to the needs of cost control and brand differentiation.
  4. As a result of planning and collaboration between the client and Takemoto, it may be possible to use one of our existing molds with alterations to capacity, materials and so on. This means that the client can have specific container needs met without taking on the burden of mold development.

Mold Production

At Takemoto, in an effort to expand our product line, we develop over 200 new products annually. The current total of molds owned in Japan and abroad is in excess of 2700 molds.

For both the Japanese and global market, we work to develop more compact and flexible molds in order to meet our clients’ needs for variation, small order quantities, short lead times and high quality. Our goal is to standardize mold development so that we can provide the same high quality production globally.

The following is a general guide to the length of time necessary for mold production:

  • Direct blow molds – 30 days
  • Injection molds – 50 days
  • Injection stretch blow molds – 70 days

Overseas expansion

Capitalizing on over 60 years of experience in sales and development in addition to knowledge gained through 30 years of production both in Japan and abroad, further overseas expansion is in progress.

In 1996, Shanghai Takemoto Packages was established in order to enter the Chinese market. With the experience cultivated as a “Total Container Solution Provider” in Japan, Takemoto has been able to respond to China’s extensive customer base’s needs for small order quantities, variety, short lead-times and high quality.

In America, China and Thailand sales and marketing functions have been established in order to offer an increasingly rapid response to client’s needs.