2020/11/26 Product pickup

New 2-way cap for powder.(CPTI-73 2WAY CAP)

A single cap with two differently shaped openings. This convenient 2-way cap, perfect for everyday used whether you want to use a small amount or a lot, is now available as a standard product.

Product Lineup

Product Features

Top view of the 2 dispensing openings

This 2-way cap is ideal for various everyday uses such as sprinkles, salt and pepper, sesame salt, baking soda, bath salts, and pet food and is now available as a standard product. It is available for purchase in small quantities without the need for investment in molds. Coloring is also possible to match your product image. Container capacities of 150 ml, 200 ml, and 300 ml are available.

This cap can be made with CO2 reduction additives. Ideal for green products, the additive has the effect of suppressing the amount of carbon dioxide generated during incineration.

This product is available in the Takemoto Color Selection (28 colors in total) for PP material, allowing the development period for commercialization to be shortened.
Click here for information on the Takemoto Color Selection