2021/01/14 New Product Featured New Product Product pickup

New selection of cream jars and caps with a matte finish.

Introducing new matte components that provide the opportunity for rich use of color. The texture created by the matte finish gives the products a soft and gentle feel.

Containers (from the left)
MSWII-30 (Textured)
MSWII-50 (Textured)
MSWII-80 (Textured)
MSWII-100 (Textured)

Caps (from the left)
PEW-38φ W Cap (Textured)
PIIN Flip-Top Cap (Textured)

A matte finish has been given to selected cream containers and standard screw/ flip-top caps. The result changes not only the appearance but also creates a matte texture. Since this finish is produced by the mold itself, delivery time can be shortened and costs reduced.

These products are also available in a gloss finish, allowing you to choose glossy or matte depending on the product concept and image. Both ranges are kept in stock, so please contact us for further information.

Information on matte cream jars and standard caps can be downloaded here

There are matte flip-top caps available for 30φ, 35φ, 40φ, 45φ, 50φ, and 60φ tubes, and it is possible to have a matching matte texture for both the cap and tube. The caps feature a large lip for easy-opening.

Information on matte flip-top caps for tubes can be downloaded here