2021/02/01 ECO New Product

Next-generation Cream Jar (S-PPC-300)

Introducing our next-generation cream jar produced with biomass materials. Environmentally friendly product development is possible with both the jar body and cap.


Caps (from the left)
C-80 W CAP
C-80 Flip-Top Cap

With a low profile and large diameter allowing contents to be taken out with ease, this cream jar can used for a wide range of products from cosmetics to hair and body care. The jar is available with either a screw cap or a flip-top cap, both of which have been designed to create a sense of unity with the jar body.
The jar body and screw cap held in stock are produced with the sustainable material “Bio PE”.
Both can be purchased by the carton. Please contact us for more details.

Information on the S-PPC-300 can be downloaded here