2021/03/05 New Product

Mouthwash bottle to take on the go (M-80)

A mini bottle has been added to our lineup of containers for mouthwash. With a capacity of 80ml, it is ideal to take on the go, and the design has a gentle curve that fits the hand.

M-80 Cap

Information on the M-80 can be downloaded here

The shape of the bottle neck has been designed for easy application of tamper-evident shrink wrap. Also, the curved form of the bottle makes it easy to hold and the dedicated cap has been given an easy-to-grip shape for ease of opening and closing.

The inside of the cap has a 10ml fill line for measuring.

For mouthwash, we also offer containers with capacities of 310 ml and 500 ml. Both products are made from PET material and the stock color is opaque white to block light and are available by the carton.