2022/02/21 New Product

900ml heat-resistant PET beverage bottle (FBHI-900) compatible with hot-filling

Introducing a new heat-resistant PET beverage bottle with a smooth and flowing shoulder design. Suitable for variety of uses such as fruit juice, nutritional drinks, soft drinks, amazake (sweet sake) and more.



The cap features a tamper-evident band, allowing you to check if it has been opened at a glance.

Information on the FBHI-900 can be downloaded here

900ml PET beverage bottle with heat-resistance up to 90℃ (ih-house evaluation). It has the gloss and transparency of glass, but is lightweight and break-resistant, making it easy and safe to transport. It is also an ideal choice for gift sets.

The bottle is easy to hold thanks to the indented panel design.

Transparent bottles and white colored caps are available as inventory items, and the bottle can be purchased by the carton with the matching quantity of caps.