2022/09/14 ECO New Product

New compact size fine mist spray bottle (FLS-100/150)

A new compact-size spray bottle is now available. It is a mini-type mist spray that produces a continuous spray and features a slim shape and flush finish between the pump and bottle.

Bottles (from the left)

Flairosol 4 Go Spray

Information on the FLS Series can be downloaded here

The bottles are available in capacities of 100mL and 150mL. They are environmentally friendly products that contain plant-derived biomass PE as a raw material.

The 100mL size can be taken as carry-on luggage. The size is easy to take on the go, making it ideal for travel and business trips.

The spray produces a continuous ultra-fine mist by repeatedly pulling the trigger. The compact size fits easily in your hand, and features a matte finish with a simple yet eye-catching design.

The head has a locking function, so you can easily switch the spray to ON or OFF.

Recommended for a wide range of applications such as disinfectant spray, fabric mist, skincare, hair care, and body care. The bottles are kept in stock in natural (semi-transparent) color and can be purchased by the carton with the matching number of sprays (white color).