2022/10/25 New Product

New matte finish accessories: Flip-top caps & a pump over cap

Two new flip-top caps and a pump over cap have been added to our lineup of matte-finish accessories. The soft and tactile matte texture presents a refined image and can add value to your product.

The tall and stylish PSH Flip-Top CapⅡ features a tab that makes it easy to open. It is available with an orifice diameter of 5φ and is compatible with round-shouldered cylindrical PET bottles in capacities from 200mL to 330mL.

This flip-top cap for tubes has a simple, straight design. It is available with an orifice diameter of of 5φ, and can be used with 45φ, 50φ, and 60φ tubes. It is also possible to apply a matte finish to the tubes, making it possible to present a complete matte feel to you product.

This over cap for pumps features a simple, cylindrical shape. The compatible pump has a dose of 0.5cc, and it can be used with our standard 24/410 (P) series bottles. Compatible bottles are available in a wide range of designs and materials.

The two flip-top caps and over cap introduced here are also available in a gloss finish.

In addition to these products, we also offer a range of other matte-finish products such as flip-top caps for 30φ, 40φ, and 50φ tubes, flip-top caps for bottles, and jars. Choose the right product to suit your formula and application.