2022/11/29 ECO Featured New Product New Product

The flat surfaces and integrated over cap of this square biomass PET bottle series create an attractive flush design.

Introducing a new series of rectangular bottles with a slim, classic form. The integrated over cap is available in matte and gloss finishes.

Bottles (from the left)

Caps (from the left)
SB Over Cap(Textured)
SB Over Cap
PD-0524B Pump

Information on the S-SB Series can be downloaded here

The product is available in three sizes, 100 mL, 120 mL and 150 mL, with the 150 mL to be launched first. The bottles are made from sustainable, plant-derived biomass PET raw material. The bottle and over cap, with their four flat surfaces, create a stylish, flush design.

The over cap is available in both matte and gloss finishes, allowing you to choose the right style to match your product image.

Both bottles and over caps are kept in stock and can be purchased by the carton.

These bottles are compatible with various kinds of closures such as sprays, flip-top caps, and screw caps, and are suitable for various applications, including skincare, hair care, and body care.

Click the following links to view compatible closures: Caps / Dispensers
* Some closures shown are not compatible with certain products.

In addition to the S-SB Series introduced here, we offer a wide range of other rectangular designs that can be used in combination with this series to develop a full lineup of skin care products.