2023/03/07 ECO New Product

Biomass PE bottle made for home decor with a 3 cc pump (NJX-500)

Featuring a Stylish design with a strong presence, this square bottle has a different design on the front and side so you can choose how it looks.


PD-3033EⅥ Pump
(Scheduled for launch in May)

Information on the NJX-500 can be downloaded here

This square bottle has a capacity of 500ml and is supplied with a 3CC pump.

The front has a simple horizontal grooves, while the sides have added diagonal grooves, allowing the user to choose between two different designs to match the image of the product.

Biomass PE made from plant-derived raw materials.

The variety of combinations will be further enhanced by a new design pump (PD-3033E VI pump), which will be available soon.

Click here for a list of caps and pumps compatible with our 33φ neck bottles.

The simple square shape looks great and saves space when put on display.

Recommended for hair care, body care and hygiene products.

Bottles are kept in stock in white and are available by the carton.