2023/04/24 Event/Exhibition

Takemoto is exhibiting a CITE JAPAN 2023

We will ntroduce our efforts towards collaborative creation of resource-circulating packaging.

We will be exhibiting at CITE JAPAN 2023, which will be held at Pacifico Yokohama from 17-19 May 2023. At the Takemoto Packaging booth, we aim to collaborate with our customers through packaging and develop future brand designs.

We will introduce our sustainable initiatives as a resource-circulating packaging company. We offer products from various angles, including standout designs, materials, and functionality, with a focus on new products. The following will be featured at the exhibition:

Standout New Products
Introducing a selection of new products with simple, yet distinctive and eye-catching features that are a step ahead of conventional standard product concepts.Come and take a look at our latest packaging developments for new brands.

Innovative sustainable materials

Future initiatives will be presented as well as sustainable materials that address environmental issues from different angles, such as renewable raw materials, recycled raw materials and alternatives to petrochemical raw materials.

Introducing a unique pairing of paper and plastic materials. This combination of paper and plastic opens up new possibilities for product design.

Refill systems and refillable cosmetic series

We offer a full range of packaging solutions for cleansers, toners, emulsions, creams, serums and toiletries. Lightweight options (120-200ml) are also available.

New pouch style refill containers

Introducing a new type of container with a fresh perspective on lightweight and simple packaging. This product takes the form of a tube but is used as a pouch, making it suitable for a range of refill applications such as cosmetics, food and mini packs.

At the exhibition, icons will be displayed in the captions to make it easy to see at a glance the six resource-recycling packaging concepts (Renewable, Recycling, Replace, Reuse, Reduce and Monomaterial) and the products featured. Please refer to these when you visit our booth.

Pre-registration is required for admission.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our booth at the exhibition.
Booth number: D13-06