2023/10/17 ECO New Product

New 25mm thick mail-friendly oval bottle for retail products with 150mL capacity (SW-YP-B150)

A bottle made from chemically recycled PET material has been introduced to the beautiful YP-B series, which features slim ribs around the entire circumference. It has a capacity of 150mL and a slim profile of 25mm, making it suitable for postal delivery. We have provided a square print and label area on the front and a rectangular area on the back. In addition to the screw cap, we offer various accessories such as flip-top caps and nozzle caps, so you can choose the best option for your formula and product concept, whether it’s skincare, haircare or men’s cosmetics.

CAP (from the left)
15-415 Cap II
(Scheduled for launch in November)
15-415 Nozzle Screw Cap-S
15-415-Nozzle Cap-L
Plugs (from the left)
15-415 φ4 G Plug
15-415 φ1.4 Nozzle G Plug S
15-415 φ1.9 Nozzle G Plug L

Information and details on the SW-YP-B150 can be downloaded here

This is a sustainable product made from chemically recycled material, where collected PET bottles are chemically broken down and purified for reuse. It is also possible to produce the bottle from plant-based biomass PET.

You can choose from stylish screw caps made of aluminum or plastic materials. We also offer nozzle caps and flip-top caps.

*Only a selection of compatible caps are shown in the image      

Click the following links to view compatible closures: CAP