2023/11/28 ECO New Product

“Mother Bottle” for toiletries & elegant new pump (RFPI-400/PD-3043EVI Pump)

The mouth of this bottle is approximately 1cm wider than a standard 3ml pump bottle, making it easy to refill. With its simple, straightforward design and 400mL capacity, it is ideal for toiletries. The pump has a beautiful new design with smooth curves. We also offer an barrier-free version with marking raised dots on the top.


Pump(from the left)
PD-3043EVI Pump
PD-3043AIIIR Pump

Information and details on the RFPI-400 can be downloaded here

This sustainable product is made from chemically recycled materials from collected PET bottles, which are chemically broken down and refined. On request, the raw material can be changed to plant-based biomass PET.The contents can also be refilled and reused, making it an environmentally friendly product from multiple aspects.