2023/09/13 ECO Featured New Product New Product

Mail-Friendly Bottles with Beautiful Relief Patterns (SASH-150/170)

This bottle series features a distinctive relief pattern covering its entire surface and is slim enough to be sent easily through the post. It comes in two sizes: 150mL and 170mL, suitable for various applications such as cosmetics and body care. We offer two types of matte-finish caps, depending on whether you need a plug or not. In addition to biomass PE, we are also planning to introduce a new material for the bottle primarily composed of limestone.

Bottles (from the left)

CAP (from the left)
SASH Cap with inner ring
SASH Screw Cap

SASH1.5φ G Plug

Download information and details about SASH-150/170 here

These bottles are sustainable products made from plant-derived biomass PET as the raw material.