2023/11/28 ECO New Product

Popular for its sophisticated style, the BPI Series now includes a 3cc pump bottle! (BPI-400)

The BPI Series, with its straight lines and stylish square shape, now includes a 3CC pump bottle.The rectangular shape is effective in promoting your brand on store shelves as it allows for efficient display and offers a large branding area.This 400ml bottle is recommended for toiletry products, bath salts and more.


PD-3033GVR Pump


Caps (from the left)
PMP/YS Alm Cap

Information and details on the BPI-400 can be downloaded here

This sustainable product is made from chemically recycled materials from collected PET bottles, which are chemically broken down and then repolymerised. It is also available in plant-based biomass PET.

In addition to pumps, screw and flip-top closures are also available.

*Only a selection of compatible pumps and caps are shown in the image      

Click the following links to view compatible closures: Caps / Pump